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About Me . . .
Communications: A mission of love

This passion for communications is based on a strong attraction to writing and deepening concepts to get to the substance of ideas. This interest for writing grew while I studied Law, a field where facts are valuable as long as they support legal theory and justify the sought after conclusions. I practiced law for a brief period of time, because I felt the need to explore other work environments and professional fields. For the longest time, I have felt this complementarity between my passion for analysis and application. I have had the opportunity to explore various fields, among others the high tech and finance sectors, the food industry, and the arts. For the past 12 years, I have been offering professional writing, rewriting and translation services in the National Capital Region.

Graphic design and web page design were a logical continuity to writing services by allowing me to leverage from the combination of text and its medium, printed or web-based. Regardless of your needs – printed or web-based documents, or maintaining your website, I can provide great quality work at a very reasonable fee.

Contact me, by email or by telephone at 819-328-4419, and we will look at how I can help you.